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Quality Service Guaranteed - It is our goal and mission to facilitate the joy and happiness you deserve, by renting quality party supplies at an affordable cost. We are committed to helping your special event be the best it can be, therefore we want to make a pledge to you that we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction, and we will go the extra mile within our reasonable capacity to make you happy. We guarantee quality party rentals and professional attention to your event. If you're not happy in your experience with BK Party Hire we'll compensate you where we fell short.

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'We Value Your Business'

' BK Party Hire is a young ...

... creative, dynamic and professional event equipment hire, and Stretch decor offering neat clean heavy duty Plastic chairs, molded trestle tables, Furniture Hire, Stage & screening, cocktail, Lounge, Ottoman Stretch sets, backdrop hire, cutlery ,Cloth Stretch Tents, Bedouin stretch tent and event Decor etc., for special parties and events.'

'Fabric architecture...

... is the idea method for transforming interior environments, utilizing sculptural shapes and sustainable interior designs that are light weight, easily transported made from recycled and recyclable material and extremely cost effective.'

Our Goal Is To Help You Initiate And Complete Projects That: 

Exploit the sculptural design potential of tension fabric

 Are safe and meet structural and fire codes

Are affordable and stay on schedule and on budget

Beautify their surroundings for a long time

Simultaneously serve other purposes (such as shade, environmental graphics, acoustic remediation, day lighting, projection and illumination) when desired.

Making Spaces Cooler

At BK Party Hire, Exterior Shade and Fabric sculpture projects have been one of the primary foundations of our business. We use high quality fabrics that are special highly developed for wind resistance and to provide a lot of shade. As the sun seems to become increasingly brighter and hotter, there is much demand in the world for shaded environments.

BK Party Hire designs, builds and installs site-specific shade structures that are both sculptural and functional, transforming the environment whether defining an entranceway, an outdoor restaurant, a public performance area or a private retreat. Some of our pieces have the ability to retract, to move and change over the course of the day; at night, lighting integrated with the structures – either on the steel pole structure or on the cable canopy system itself – can create a false sky or ceiling with the ability to change color.

Why Making Spaces Friendlier?

BK Party Hire creates dynamic spaces that can soften harsh environments in subtle, artistic ways. We believe that art and sculpture are important aspects of a healthy life. And work with tensioned fabric and frames to create unexpected environments that transform the way we see, think, and interact in the world.

Soft spaces are clearly important in our contemporary world full of square edges and hard surfaces. Our soft fabric shapes offer an inherently calming experience, with color and inner light contributing to the effectiveness of the softened environment.                                               

Creating a special and intimate place for social interaction and dialog, BK Party Hire develops functional Stretch tents and canopies structures that alter one's sense of being in the space — adding dimension, scattering light, quieting the sound, or changing the ambience.             

"As part of a collaborative team with architects and decision-makers, we strive to understand each project artistically and introduce something personal, yet always within the context of the structure's functional intent."


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